Printable Pages for Kids!

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If you have younger kids, here are two great websites that will give you links to hundreds of printable pages for kids! Printables For Kids and Free Stuff 4 Kids. I know when my girls were younger, I often printed pages off the web for them to take with them if I had to take them to meetings with me. I also used Word Searches and Word Finds when I was leading Girl Scouts and they were a huge hit!

Check out these sites and see what you can find!

Gotta Get Goals!

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I’ve been tagged! MK at Coffee Shop Chatter tagged me and challenged me to list my top goals. So I had some thinking to do! Since I’m actually pretty new to blogging, I’ve made some short term goals, but haven’t really thought of any long term goals…

I tracked this challenge back to Gayla at Mom Gadget and then even further to Alex Shalman and it looks like he is the one that started this…. Here are his rules:

1) In a new blog post, list and write about the top 5 to 10 goals that you gotta’ get so that you can truly say you have achieved your wildest dreams in life. These have to be your best, most exclusive, and over-the-top goals that you can pick off your goals list.

2) In the introduction of your post, explain what you’re doing with the Gotta’ Get Goals project and “put a link and/or a trackback to this post”, for the purpose of giving them the full rules and for me to compile the master list of all participants that I’ll link to in a future post.

3) As with Simply Success Secrets, don’t forget to put a link or trackback to the blogger who tagged you for Gotta’ Get Goals in order to let your readers follow the conversation around.

4) Sharing your Gotta’ Get Goals with your own audience, will also share them with the blogger who tagged you and the bloggers you tagged, as well as their whole audience!

5) There is no limit to how many bloggers you are allowed to “tag”, so go crazy. It will help their exposure as well as your own when they tag back to your Gotta Get Goals post. That’s how meme’s work.

6) Sit back and enjoy the show. As Aaron would say, “watch the [gotta get goals] and the crossover audiences start rolling in!

So, here are my top “Gotta Get Goals”:

1. Family. It’s been a rough year… my oldest daughter had a cancerous tumor removed in November 2006 and has been through a lot. My family goal is to spend as much time possible with all of them as often as possible. Becca received a Make A Wish because of her cancer and we are heading to Florida in June to swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove! I want to make this the best vacation we have ever taken!

2. Faith. My faith is very important to me. I have been feeling like there is something additional that I need to be doing for God and my goal is to do a lot of praying to find out what that is. God has been my source of strength throughout my life and He has always been my rock, and if he has something for me to do, I plan to do it.

3. Financial Freedom. Ahhh, this one is going to take some work! I’m working outside the home full time right now, but my goal is to start making enough money online so that I can stay home and be there for my girls and their activities. Then after that is achieved, I want to be able to have enough extra money to do all that we want to do, without having to worry about it! And, I want to be able to pay for the girls’ college educations without worrying about loans and grants…

4. Travel. Kind of goes along with Financial Freedom… We love to travel as a family and my goal is to start doing a lot of it! The trip to Florida is the first real family vacation we have taken as a family that wasn’t in Pennsylvania. The girls have never flown in a plane and have only been in a handful of states. My goal is to have enough money so that we can go on a real vacation at least once a year.

5. Home Improvements. We have a lot of things that need done to our home. My goal is to work toward making those things happen. My outrageous goal is to be able to purchase our dream log home and live on 5 acres in the country! But my reasonable goal is to build a new deck on the side of the house connecting to our pool and to replace all the windows in the house.

Since I was tagged, I am passing this tag on to some fellow bloggers and ask that you post your goals on your blog. Don’t forget to link back to this post!

I’m tagging the following bloggers:





Have fun!


Kid’s Activities While on the Phone

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A friend and I were talking today about how difficult it is to make business phone calls during the day when you have little ones under foot. Luckily, my girls are older now (13 and 16), so this isn’t something I’ve had to worry about for quite some time. But my friend has a 2 and a 4 year old who think that as soon as mommy picks up the phone, it’s time for them to need mommy’s full attention!

When my girls were toddlers, I can remember having a box of special toys that only came out when I was ready to pick up the phone. My girls were actually excited when I said it was time to make calls because they knew the special box would come out! They were not allowed to play with those toys if I wasn’t on the phone. They would often beg me to “make one more call, mommy!” just so they could play longer!

I also would sometimes have crafts ready for them to do if I knew I’d be on a special conference call. When they were really young, I’d put the little one in the high chair and give her a paint brush and water and she would “paint” the paper. For my older daughter, play dough, crayons or watercolors worked great.

I can remember one time, my oldest wanted to be just like mommy, so she got hold of one of her dad’s old briefcases and asked me to fill it with “important stuff”. I added a play phone, some old catalogs, pencils, old order forms and a calculator so she could do her “business” while I did mine! She told everyone how she worked when mommy worked!

Just use your imagination and you can keep the kiddos occupied while you do your “business!”

Online Art Classes?

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My 16 year old daughter is very artistic. She can draw, paint, is a terrific photographer and is also very talented on the computer with graphic designing. So, we are looking into colleges or art schools for her as she’s a Junior in High School this year. It will be quite an interesting journey as we watch her choose her own path as she creates her masterpiece.

We are getting more and more information about Distance Learning… while it sounds great, she could live at home and not worry about a commute, I’m having a hard time understanding how you can learn about art without any hands on experience. A very good school that is near us is the Art Institute in Pittsburgh. They are offering an online program for all kinds of careers in Art! That just amazes me.

I’m going to have to do some more investigating. While I know she wants to go away to school, this might be a way for her to earn some credits in her senior year before she goes away to college.

I’m sure I’ll be posting more about her art career in the future! I’m going to have to scan some of the pictures she has drawn and post them…. wonder if she’ll let me???

Silly Putty Recipe!

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Remember the old days when we got some of that silly putty in an egg? Well, leave it to the Girl Scouts to again make this stuff and send it home with the girls! lol! My daughter had a blast with it last night!

Here’s the recipe to make your own:

Silly Putty


1 cup white glue (Elmer’s)

1 cup liquid starch

food coloring

First combine glue and coloring in plastic container. Next add starch a little at a time, stirring constantly. Keep stirring until

mixture looks rubbery and like putty. Add more starch if it is too gooey. Store in a plastic bag or an airtight container.

Bounce it, stretch it, make transfers of the comics — very useful stuff.

Story Books for toddlers

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Our Sunday School is always looking for ideas on how to keep little ones quiet during church services… so I’m passing on this idea to them.

They have quite a few old story books with pictures in them of Biblical characters. The kids never seem to read them any more and some of them are very old with ripped covers and torn pages. I’m suggesting that they let the kids cut the characters out of the books and then use a glue stick to put those pictures into a notebook of some sort, possibly using a Composition Notebook. Then the name of the Biblical character could be written under the picture. As they are putting them into the book, the teacher could talk about each character so that the child knows who it is….

For example, if the child put a picture of Noah in his book, the teacher could talk about the big flood and could even help the child draw water and an ark around Noah.

The child could sit in church and go through the pages, looking at all the pictures and remembering the story of each character!

I saw a great website that teaches ELS to kids in Japan and she was looking for craft ideas for the kids using simple English. I think this would be a great craft for her to do with them, using any type of magazine or book. She could have the kids cut out pictures of common items, such as pets, or jobs, and then they could write in English, a description of the picture. Kids love looking through books, especially one they made!


Why I started blogging…

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I admit it, I’m addicted. I never thought it would happen to me, but I am loving blogging!

It all started innocently enough… I wanted a place that I could post pictures of the craft projects I completed and I really wanted to share the rag quilt I had made with some of my friends and family. So, I started the blog to do that.

Then I started investigating all the possibilities out there for bloggers and I was blown away! Next thing I knew, I was an affiliate of a couple of businesses and was joining different places where I get paid for posting about things that I already love! What could be better?

Now I’m learning more and more through the Link and Blog Challenge! It’s so much fun!!!

I have a feeling I’ll be starting a new blog soon… Now that I have this one running, I getting an itch to try another one… hmmm, so what will my topic be??? I’ll let you know when I get it set up!

Have an awesome day!


I got a pond and waterfall!

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I am so excited! Next Saturday is my birthday and today after church, hubby took me to Lowe’s to purchase my gift…. a garden pond!!! I was so excited!

Here is what the kit looks like….

It has a waterfall and a fountain. It’s not very big, only a 90 gallon pond, but it will fit perfectly under my big picture window in the front of my house.

So, when we got home, hubby cleaned out the flower garden that was under the window already and started digging the hole for the pond. He got the hole dug, but still has more work to do. He plans to work on it this week after work, then finish it next weekend.

I can’t wait to pick out rocks to go around it and then purchase new flowers for all around the pond! We’re still trying to decide if we’ll get fish for it or not, because it’s not deep enough to stay unfrozen all winter… what would we do with the fish over the winter?

I’m thinking that as long as we keep the motor running on the fountain, we shouldn’t have too many problems with mosquitoes or other insects that like water!

I love being a home owner! There are just so many possibilities with this house!

I’ll take some pictures this week as he works on it and post a final picture when it’s done! What a wonderful Birthday present to me!!!

Assembling Crafts At Home…

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Okay, I know I’m probably crazy, but I’m thinking about purchasing a kit to make crafts from home to sell back to a business to sell. Normally I wouldn’t even think about this, but I’ve been following several posts over at in the craft forum, and there are several ladies who are doing pretty well with one company. I’ve always been crafty and things that are hard for others seem to come naturally to me. So I think I might give it a try.

We just found out that we’ll be taking a trip to Florida in June, so I really need to make some extra money for when we go… and this seems like it might be a good way to earn some extra money from home.

The company I’m looking into is called NEC (New England Crafters). Their website can be found at Magical Gift.

If you know anything about them, either good or bad, I’d appreciate your comments.

Have a great day!


Craft sayings for any project!

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I was looking for something to print on a Thank You note for an Appreciation Dinner I’m helping to plan and I found a great website that offers free sayings for your craft projects! It’s a great site. They have different categories for all kinds of things. Just click on the link and you are taken to a long list of sayings!

Free Craft Sayings

Check it out and use it the next time you need a saying!

keep looking »

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