One Day Blog Silence

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One Day Silence







Dog Beds

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Our dog Lexi sleeps on our bed, and my husband hates it.  Dog BedHe’s been pushing me to buy her a dog bed so that she’ll sleep on it instead of with us!  I’m not sure how it will work, but I did some searching today for patterns to make one myself.  I found a very nice pattern at Sewing.Org that looks very nice.  The directions and pattern is listed on the site!

I’ll probably pick out blue material so that it will match with our bedroom ;)  When I get it made, I’ll post pictures of our Lexi bed!

Make an Apron!

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If you are looking for a handicraft gift idea to make for someone special, perhaps that person would like an apron. When we think of aprons, we often think of mothers and grandmothers in the kitchen, but men can often benefit from having an apron as well. They often enjoy barbecuing, for one thing. They also can use an apron in the workshop. Children, too, can use an apron for many of their activities, such as arts and crafts. Here are simple instructions for making a handicraft gift of an apron that can be adapted for anyone.apron

Start with a piece of sturdy fabric suitable for the individual for whom you are making the handicraft gift. The fabric needs to be wide enough to wrap 1/2 to 3/4 of the way around them and long enough to cover them from collar bone to just above the knee. For a large adult, 25 to 30 inches wide by 36 to 40 inches long should be about right. A slimmer adult can use a narrower apron, but if they will be wiping their hands on the sides of it, they might appreciate the extra width. An apron for a child of 10 could start with a piece of fabric about 18 inches wide by 25-30 inches long.

The best types of fabric to use are sturdy cottons, such as medium weight denim or twill. Soft cottons such as broadcloth or muslin are all right in the kitchen, but will not last long, and would not hold up in the garden or workshop at all. Other materials you’ll need are thread and a sewing machine. You will also need enough extra fabric to make a strap to go around the neck, ties for the back, and pockets.big apron

When designing the handicraft gift, you can be as creative as you like with pockets. Every apron is more useful with pockets. A person who cleans houses, for instance, can use pockets for odds and ends they pick up as well as for their spray bottles, sponges, and scrub brushes.

To make the apron, fold the piece of fabric lengthwise. This will allow you to cut the shape with one cut, making the two sides symmetrical. What you will be shaping when you make the cut will be the bib section of the apron. The bib for an adult sized apron will need to be about 9 inches wide. Measure from the fold about 5-1/2 inches. This is half the width of the bib plus an inch to fold under twice to form a hem. The piece you will cut off the side to shape the bib will be a half bullet shape with the tip of the bullet being where the ties will be attached. The length of the half bullet shape should be about a foot, and the width will be from the spot you marked 5-1/2 inches from the fold to the outside edge of the fabric. When these pieces are cut off, the result should be an apron shaped piece of fabric.

Now decorate the apron with pockets and any other decorations you desire. After this it is time to fold under the edges all around and stitch down with sturdy stitching for a nice hem all around the handicraft gift. Cut two pieces of fabric a yard long by two inches wide. Fold lengthwise and fold raw edges to the inside. Press and stitch down along the length to make the ties. Attach the ties at the waist of the apron handicraft gift. (If these ties seem a little long, it is because a lot of people like to bring the ties to the front and tie them there.) Cut another piece of fabric 18 to 20 inches long by 5 inches wide fold in half lengthwise and press. Press again with the raw edges of the long side tucked under 1/2 inch. Stitch down the open side. Attach this piece to the sides of the top of the bib, sewing it to the back of the bib and topstitching on the front side of the bib. Be careful not to twist it when you attach it.

People who work hard at homemaking, barbecuing and in the workshop will appreciate a handicraft gift of a sturdy apron. Mostly they will appreciate the effort and design you have put into making a handicraft gift that they can use.

Make It Yourself Placemat

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This is truly unique! I found this over at Mom Gadget.


What kid wouldn’t want a placemat made out of his favorite cereal box? Here’s the instructions:

What you’ll need:

an empty milk carton
an empty cereal box
some dental floss

1. Disassemble your milk carton and cut into ½” strips. Do the same with the front panel from your favorite cereal box.

2. Weave together. directions

3. Finish ends by weaving dental floss around the edges so your beautiful new placemat doesn’t come apart.

Pretty cool, isn’t it!  I can’t wait to show this to a friend of mine who has younger kids.  I can just see them eating off their cereal box placemat at every meal! lol!  Or, this could be a neat Girl Scout project for the older girls to teach the younger girls!

Make Your Own Video

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I think I’ve found a new obsession!  It’s called Fliptrack.  Both of my daughter’s are camera freaks.  They take pictures of anything and everything, especially Becca.  She’s actually planning to go to school for either photography or graphic design.  Fliptrack is a way for you to showcase your pictures by turning them into your own personal video, with music included!

I’m not the most computer savvy person, but the process for making these videos is very easy.  You pick the music you’d like on your video from a long list of choices in their music library, then add the pictures, and presto!  You have your own personal music video exactly the way you’d like it!

After you’re finished making your video on Fliptrack, you can share them with your family and friends by posting them on your MySpace, Xanga, Blogger, Friendster, Facebook or Piczo sites! I’m planning to make one showcasing all the craft projects I’ve completed and post it here on my blog.  I can even make one of our family pictures and post it on my Bev’s Bits personal blog!

You can also watch videos that other people have made and have shared on the Fliptrack site. My favorites are the pet videos!  Some of them are hilarious!  They even have a search feature where you can look for videos for practically any topic you can think of!

Stop over and take a look.  Then make your own video!  I’d love to see it!


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Please mark your calendar to go blogtipping with me on Tuesday, May 1, 2007 - the anniversary of the first Blogtipping Day!

Blogtipping Blogtipping Definition: Blogtipping is where you publish a blog post in which you link to three unsuspecting blogs and offer three compliments and/or one helpful tip to each blogger. (Or adapt those numbers to your own preferences; the principle of selflessness is what matters most here.) Blogtipping is a refreshing and useful surprise that can start a blogger’s month with a huge smile!

The first calendar day of each month is a new Blogtipping Day. Who will you sneak up behind and tip next time?

I first read about Blogtipping over at There’s A Blog In My Soup! Patrick shares some great ideas about promoting blogs in his quest to earn a Million Dollar$ by 2009.

So come back on May 1st to see who I’ve Blogtipped! I’ll be posting who I’ve Blogtipped with links to their sites. For each of my 4 blogs, I will be Blogtipping three other blogs that are similar to my blog, so I’ll actually Blogtip 12 blogs on May 1st!

This is who is planning to join me on Blogtipping day! Can I add your link? Just let me know!

A Tale of 2 WAHM’s

Baggie Butterfly

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I thought this was adorable, and very easy for little ones to make!

Supplies needed:Baggie Butterfly

ziplock sandwich bag
Variety of colors of tissue paper
chenille stem(pipecleaner)
clear tape

Rip or cut several small pieces of tissue paper and fill ziplock bag with the tissue paper pieces. Close and seal bag with tape. Fold a chenille stem in half and place the sandwich bag into the bend. Twist closed and form the ends into an antenna shape.

Wall Murals

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I work in a funeral home and they just completed a remodeling project where they put up a large wall mural of a lighthouse in the chapel where we hold the funerals. It is breathtaking. It got me thinking about wall murals that kids make….

Making a mural together is an idea that works well for a group. By working together, you are creating something to decorate a shared area. Individual crafts can be displayed, but one unique item is often more effective than a group of items that are almost identical. In addition, sometimes kids’ crafts, like it or not, just become clutter when they are taken home, and it isn’t long before Mom throws it out. This craft idea of making a group mural can be displayed for several weeks and will not become clutter in anyone’s home.  You can then take a picture of the entire mural and give copies to each of the children.  It will be one memory they will never forget!

Wall muralThe basic materials for a kids’ group mural is freezer paper. Freezer paper is about 18 inches wide, and it is very tough. One side is plastic coated. That is the side that is designed to be placed against the food. You will have better luck drawing on and gluing things onto the other side. Class or group murals can feature a number of different design elements. You can mix up some finger paint and let the children make hand prints (or even foot prints!) on the paper. You can let them scour old cast-off magazines and color catalogs for pictures they like and let them cut the pictures out and glue them on. They can add scribbles, designs, signatures, slogans, or pictures using markers, crayons, or gel pens. They can attach stickers to the mural as well. This craft idea is very flexible!

For making the mural, choose a topic that relates to the group in some way. If the group are girl scouts, for instance, and have been learning to camp, the mural can feature pictures of items related to camping. If you’ve been learning about dinosaurs, you can use them as a theme. If you want a really messy project that makes a cute mural for fall, mix up finger paint in fall colors. The children can each make a tree by first laying their forearm in brown paint. Then they lay their arm on the paper to make the trunk of the tree. They should spread out their fingers so their arm print has five short branches at the top. To make the leaves, the children make fingerprints all around the top of the tree using paints in other fall colors. If you add a few drops of dishwashing detergent to finger paint when mixing it up, it will be easier to clean off the children’s arms. Do make sure they have old clothes or smocks for this craft idea.

Little preschoolers will like making a mural with an animal theme. You should probably find and cut out animal magazine pictures to start with, and then let the children choose the ones they like for gluing down. Glue sticks are neat to use with small children. They will paste some of the pictures upside down. Expect it and do not scold them. It is the process that is important in this craft idea. The children can also use animal cookie cutters dipped in finger paint to stamp animals on the mural, too. You may need to tape the paper to the table so it doesn’t slide around while the children work.

Combined QuiltAn elaborate form of this craft idea that adults often make is a quilt around a theme. Each person in the group creates a quilt square to represent some aspect of what the group stands for. These quilt squares can be colored with fabric pens or crafted of patchwork or appliqué. Again, the craft idea is to build group solidarity and not to highlight one artist’s skills over another. When the quilt top is completed, it can be a group project to tie it or quilt it. It can be hung in a special central location or given to an appreciated leader or member.

Supporting my crafting habit

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I admitted long ago that I have a severe addition to making crafts. I love to make all kinds of crafts! The problem is, I needed to find a way to help pay for all those projects! So what am I supposed to do? Well, I decided to give blogging a try and see if I could earn some money writing about how much I love crafts.

Guess what? It works! Bloggerwave is a new opportunity for all bloggers to make some extra income doing what they already enjoy doing… writing in their blogs. Advertisers pay bloggers to write up posts about their products and in return, they will pay them a set fee!

Bloggerwave is looking for bloggers with almost any kinds of blogs to participate. So if you have a blog and enjoy writing, check them out and see if you can earn some extra income!

You already love to write, why not get paid for it! Bloggerwave… they add a new angle to blogging.

One Day Blog Silence

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There just aren’t enough words — in my own lack of words in this horrible, tragic and sorrowful time — I will unite with fellow bloggers to show my own respect and love to those lost and who have lost.

One DayOn April 30th 2007, the Blogosphere will hold a One-Day Blog Silence in honor towards the victims of Virginia. 33 died at the US college massacre.

The Blogosphere is in deep mourning.

All you have to do is spread the word about it and post the graphic on your blog on 30th April 2007. No words and no comments. Just respect and empathy.

One Day Blog Silence

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