Flowerpot Pencils

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This desktop arrangement brightens a child’s homework nook and keeps all her pencils ready for the picking..

MATERIALS:Flowerpot Pencils
Hair scrunchies
Craft foam leaves
Craft scissors
Hole punch
Clay pot

Black beans

Time needed: Under 1 Hour

1. For each blossom, wrap 1 or 2 colorful hair scrunchies around the top of a pencil. Next, cut out a pair of green craft foam leaves, using craft scissors to create a scalloped edge. Lightly etch leaf vein lines in the foam with the tip of a toothpick. Using a hole punch, make a hole in the base of each leaf.

2. Then slide the leaves onto the pencil so they rest right beneath the flower. You can even attach a “silk” butterfly (sold at craft stores) to the blossom.

3. Finally, plant the finished flowers in a clay pot filled with dried black beans (if beans fall through the hole in the bottom of the pot, just tape over it).

Found at FamilyFun.com

Stepping Stones

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After working in the garden over the weekend, I’ve decided I need a few stepping stones around my new pond, so I came online to see if I could find a few ideas.  I found these unique ones at about.com.  Here’s what the owner, Carol Jones, wrote about her stepping stones:

Stepping Stones“I’ve got so many ideas from your pages, that I’d like to share the stepping stones I made from rhubarb leaves and hosta leaves. No need to buy a mold, just turn the leaf upside down and use leaf as a mold. Mix Topping Mix (fine cement) with water to a soft cookie dough and put it on the leaf. Pat it all over to bring up the water and to remove the bubbles. Put a layer of chicken wire on top of this. Mix concrete cement and put a layer on top of that. Hold your hand against the sides and pat the cement to bring up water and to seal all layers. The next day, turn the leaf over and peel it off. All the veins are in your leaf! Let it dry a few days before putting in the garden.”

Decoration for Memorial Day!

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or 4th of July or any patriotic holiday! I love these and can’t wait to make one.

Memorial Day decoration

Materials Needed:

Plastic coffee can lids, marker, scissors, string

1. To make one, use a nail to poke a hole in the center of a plastic coffee can lid.

2. With a marker, draw a spiral that starts 3/8 inch from the hole and gradually extends to the rim, then cut along the line with scissors. Fourth of July Twirlers

3. Knot an end of a piece of string, thread the other end up through the hole in the center, and the twirler is ready to hang up and spin.

To spin, grasp each one at the bottom, twirl it around and around until the string is wound tight, let go and enjoy the show.

Scrapbook Organizer…

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Scrapbook toteI need a new scrapbook organizer. I have several small totes that I use to take with me to crops, but I’d rather have a couple of them compacted into one larger tote. I think I’ve found the perfect one to put on my wish list!

I found this one at Scrapbook.com and it will carry so much of my stuff! Here’s a description:

The Ultimate Rolling Organizer Tote from FISKARS is sure to fit all of your scrapbooking and crafting supplies! This huge rolling tote has an integrated system to help organize all of your craft tools and supplies.

  • Accommodates all smaller organizers (sold separately)
  • Pivoting wheels and telescoping handle allow easy maneuverability
  • Stylish, durable construction protects your investment
  • I’ll post a picture of it, filled with all my stuff, of course, when I get it! lol!

    Tooth Fairy Tote!

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    I saw a friend tonight whose daughter lost her very first tooth. Ahhh, that sure brought back memories of my girls losing their teeth! I asked her if she was going to put her tooth under her pillow and she said that her grandma gave her a pillow to put the tooth in! Now why didn’t I think of that when my girls were small?

    Tooth fairy with wingsSo, I decided to check online to see if there were any cute craft ideas on making tooth fairy pillows and I was amazed at all the choices! I’d have to say that one I found on Disney Family.com is my favorite! It’s an adorable tooth with wings! It’s made of white, blue and purple felt and looks very easy.

    Here’s another cute pillow idea that I found over at Crafty Carnival. You can get step by step directions from her site on how to make them.

    Tooth Fairy PillowInstead of using a pillow, my girls would wrap their teeth in a tissue and put it under their pillows and I had to dig for it! lol! I can remember one time when I went into Jillian’s room to retrieve the tooth, I found a note she had written to the tooth fairy! It was adorable!

    Let me know if you try either of these!

    Hobby Greenhouses Will Get You Growing!

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    All this warm weather we’ve had this week makes me anxious to start planting!

    For people who would like to do more gardening but live in a short growing season area, a hobby greenhouse is the answer. A hobby greenhouse is not large enough to produce vegetables or flowers on a commercial basis. It will, however, give you a place for a tomato plant or two and some fresh greens even if you live in the northern regions. Greenhouse enthusiasts even have their own association, called the Hobby Greenhouse Association, which publishes a quarterly magazine. The organization also sponsors events and helps individuals connect to get help with the aspect of gardening that they are interested in, whether it’s growing cacti or saving seeds.

    Small greenhouseIf you are in the market for a hobby greenhouse, there are several types on the market. The smallest type is not large enough to walk into and must be accessed from the outside. It resembles an old-fashioned phone booth made all of glass and outfitted with shelves. This type is designed to fit as many plants as possible in as small a place as possible. The shelves are made of glass to allow as much light as possible to reach plants on the lower shelves. Another inexpensive version of this sort of hobby greenhouse is shelving covered with a zippered tent of clear plastic. This sort of arrangement is great for the small-scale hobby gardener wanting a place to keep her flowers or houseplant starts.

    There are a variety of designs of hobby greenhouse that are large enough to walk into but made entirely of clear glass or plastic. They are often about the same size as a small storage building. Some independent builders have started making these to sell locally. Among national brands, one of the nicest is called the “Solar Prism.” It is called this because of its unique construction. This hobby greenhouse is made of a single piece of durable clear plastic which is designed to work like tiny prisms side by side. They trap the rays of the sun and shoot them back into the greenhouse at all angles. For this reason, these little greenhouses are said to glow when the weather is cloudy.

    Large GreenhouseBetter hobby greenhouses are equipped with automatic sensors that open vents which allow ventilation and keep the interior temperatures from getting too high. These are a great labor saver, but can get expensive. Another benefit sometimes found in nicer greenhouses is a built in irrigation or misting system. Members of the Hobby Greenhouse Association, or HGA, have invented many interesting designs of greenhouses.

    If gardening is your hobby, greenhouse growing will interest you. With a greenhouse, you can have the earliest tomatoes and salad greens all year. You can also start seedlings for the main garden early in the spring when outdoor temperatures would kill them. A hobby greenhouse can be a good investment.

    Plate Wall Hanging

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    This is a really neat idea for a Mother’s Day gift for grandma’s from a small child.  It’s something they will definitely cherish! Handprint on Plate

    Materials Needed:

    Paper Plate, Paint, Lace and/or Ribbon, Glue


    Paint the child’s hand then press it onto the paper plate.  Once the paint dries, glue the lace around the edge of the plate, then add lace or ribbon to the top to hang it.  Don’t forget to write the child’s name, age and date on the plate!

    For a little variety, use colored paper plates with a contrasting color.

    Flowers for Mom…

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    We always get my mother and mother in law flowers for Mother’s Day. It’s just one of those traditions that goes on and on… This year will be no different.

    Hugs and Kisses BouquetI wanted something unique this year that would say We Love You in a special way, and I’ve found it! I went to the ProFlowers website and was amazed at all the many choices! I can never remember what meanings there are behind all the different flower choices, so I used their Florapedia guide and went to the Flower Meanings link to learn which flowers are appropriate for Moms. I’ve always loved the Iris and found out they represent faith, hope, and wisdom. And of course, I want a flower that expresses our love and appreciation as well, which is the rose, so I’m planning to give both mothers the Hugs and Kisses bouquet.

    We’ll still give both Moms a handmade card, and each of the girls always end up making both Grandma’s something, but I just know they will love their flowers!

    Love Letters…

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    Here’s another great idea for Mother’s Day! I love surfing all the great craft blogs!!! I found this one atLove Letters Scrapbook.com blog. This is something that Mom could display all year long and Mom’s always love a handmade, heartmade gift.

    I know my mom would love it if I put a picture of her and my girls on it! My oldest daughter Becca is always taking picture of her and “grammie”, so I could get her to take a picture of “grammie” with both the girls, then I could make this great gift for her!  It would be so easy to paint the letters then decorate them with stickers and markers.

    Scrapbook.com has all the supplies you need and she includes all the instructions on how to make it right on her blog. Give Mom something from the heart this year!

    Mother’s Day Cards

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    Mother’s Day CardI found a site that gives detailed instructions on making this beautiful Mother’s Day card! Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away, so it’s time to get busy making your cards!

    I plan to make one of these for my mother (of course!), my Mother in Law, and a special woman from our church who has always been like a mother to me. So I have 3 to make.

    Fabulous Food/Crafts gives step by step directions with pictures showing how to make this card, plus many others. If you plan to make any cards for Mother’s Day this year, you have to check out their site.

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