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While looking around for quilt designs, I found another great blog that features a beautiful bird quilt that I just had to share here on my blog. Dutch Blue is a fairly new blog, but she has some gorgeous pictures of quilts and works in progress.

I started working tonight on my Scrappy Cabin quilt and got 8 squares done! I took pictures, but have to wait till my daughter uploads them for me so that I can show what they look like.  I have to keep the pattern in front of me at all times because I have such a terrible memory when it comes to putting these things together!  I’m sure once I do a bunch more, it will come more easily, but until then, I’ll keep the template handy *grin*.

I have to honestly say, if I could only make one craft for the rest of my life, it would have to be quilting and sewing… I just love putting things together and sewing them all up and seeing the finished project.

Blogtipping Day!

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BlogtippingYep, it’s Blogtipping day! The first calendar day of each month is a new Blogtipping Day.

Here’s my list for June. I’m in a sewing mood, so these blogs all have a sewing projects in them. Enjoy the great blogs!

Blogtippee #1: Melly & Me

1. I love this blog! I stumbled upon it earlier this week and fell in love with all of their projects! It’s a sisters blog that is filled with sewing projects.

2. Lots of great pictures! I’m a visual person, so it’s hard for me to follow directions without pictures! Their step by step tutorial on making Scrappy Cabins will make this a very easy project to complete!

3. Very well organized blog and beautiful layout. Lots of links to other great craft blogs! I could spend hours going from blog to blog to blog!

Blogtippee #2: Posie Gets Cozy

1. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! This girl takes amazing photos and has them all through her blog! My daughter, who is really into photography, is going to love this blog!

2. Great category list so that you can find her projects very easily. Her category He Makes Things spotlights all the projects made by her husband, who is also very talented!

3. Her fabric and sewing category is filled with unique ideas that are very colorful and fun! I love the flower pins that she makes. From what I read, it sounds like they are being featured in the June issue of Country Living! How cool is that?

Blogtippee #3 Quilt While You’re Ahead

1. Another amazing blog with absolutely gorgeous photos! I have got to buy a new camera and take more pictures of my projects! I love all the flower flowers, lots of bright beautiful colors!

2.  The Quilt Show pictures are gorgeous!  She has 13 photos of quilts she saw while at a quilt show. It’s hard to pick a favorite when they are all so unique in style, design and color!

3.  Besides quilting, she has all kinds of other sewing projects, from purses and bags to embroidery to crocheting!  She does a little of everything…

That’s it for this month! Take a moment to check out each of these fantastic craft blogs! Come back next month to see who I Blogtipped!

Scrappy Cabin Challenge!

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Scrappy CabinI’m taking the Scrappy Cabin Challenge!!! I was looking for a new, unique quilt idea and I came across an awesome blog called Melly & Me that is filled with all kinds of neat sewing ideas! When I saw their Scrappy Cabin quilt blocks, I knew it was something I just had to do! They have a fantastic tutorial that takes you step by step through the process of making the blocks.

I already made my template for the blocks and gathered some of my scraps together to see what I had available… boy, do I have a lot of scraps! lol! Now I just have to purchase the interfacing… I only have a tiny bit left after my last project. I’ll stop and pick some up tonight so I can work on a few blocks this weekend!

I’m going to cheat a little and add Melly & Me to my Blogtipping post too.   Just can’t resist! It’s a great blog!

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