Are you ready for some Football???

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Steelers FleeceI am! I’m a HUGE Steeler fan and the Steeler’s hold their summer training camp less than 15 miles from my house in Latrobe, PA. Camp starts today, so the town will be extremely busy with fans from all over trying to catch a glimpse of a football player.  I know my sister, Kathy, who is a bigger fan than I am, will be going over there at least one day to get some pictures of the team.

I recently purchased some of this Steelers fleece material to make a No Sew Fleece blanket. One side will be for the Steelers and the other side will be all Black so I can use it at our local Bobcat high school football games. I’m sure it will help keep me warm while I watch my daughter Jillian play her flute during the half time program!

Seashell Windchime

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Shell wind chimeWhile we were camping over the weekend, I saw a beautiful seashell windchime at the camper next door. It was gorgeous! They used some beautiful shells hanging from clear fishing line, very similar to this one that I found over at Thrifty This site used a star at the top, with the shells dangling below, while the one I saw had a simple gold round ring.

These would be very easy to make and I definitely plan to make one when I get back from the beach! We’re heading there for 5 days in less than 3 weeks and I’m sure we’ll spend plenty of time looking for shells while we’re there.

We always seem to come home with tons of shells and we never know what to do with them… so now we’ll be giving these away!  Let’s see, I’m sure grandma will want one… and maybe even Aunt Kathy! lol!

We’ll post pictures of ours when we make them!

Summer Sun Prints

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Summer Sun PrintsI love this idea! How many times have you hung a piece of construction paper in a window only to find that after a short while, the sun has faded the main color and everything that was underneath is still the original color? Why not make a craft using this same idea?

That’s what one blogger did over at Mom, I’m Bored! and I wanted to post it here for all of you to see! This would be a great kids craft for all ages.

Give it a try and let me know how it turns out.


Crafting Habits are Expensive!

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As I’m sure most of you will agree, our crafting habits can sometimes get a little on the pricey side! Lol! That’s one reason I started this blog, in hopes that I can earn a little extra income to help pay for my crafting habit.

I spend a lot of time over at in the blog forum, learning all I can about ways to earn money with a blog. Quite a few of them have recommended that I check into Payperpost because they have earned quite a bit of money with them. Payperpost works with advertisers who hire bloggers to talk about their products in return for pay. It all looked pretty good to me, so I signed up and have already been approved for one post!

Following blog ethics for these posts is pretty easy… but I feel the most important ethic to follow is that all the information on your blog should be your content alone… you should never plagiarize someone else’s posts. It’s important to make sure you identify and link to your source whenever it is possible. That is why all of my Payperpost entries will have links directly to the advertiser, and they will be tagged as being a Payperpost entry.

I’m hoping to have a long and profitable future with Payperpost! I gotta support my crafting habit somehow! Lol! Have a Great day!

Payperpost disclosure


Summer Crafts for Kids

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My friend Aurelia Williams over at Real Life Solutions has a great page with some quick and easy Summer Craft ideas.

Graph paper designOne of her ideas is making graph paper drawings. I love doing this! The kids take a sheet of graph paper and a pen, pencil or markers. They draw a picture on the graph paper using only the lines on the graph paper. No curved lines allowed.  I can picture my youngest daughter Jillian sitting under a tree on a sunny day, graph paper in hand, coming up with all kinds of creations!

If you don’t have access to graph paper, you can make and download your own by going to Graph Paper Maker.

Let their imaginations run wild!

Crocheted Hearts

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Here’s a cute idea for adding a little something extra to a craft project. Crocheted HeartsThese are two crocheted hearts that I found over at CraftBits. They have all the instructions listed to make the hearts using a small amount of red and pink yarn. Check the site out and give the hearts a try next time you’re looking for a little embellishment on your next project!

Baby Quilt

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katies-quilt-1.jpg katies-quilt-4.jpgkaties-quilt-5.jpg
These pictures are just the starting of the baby quilt I’m making for the daughter of a friend. You can click on the pictures to get a bigger view of them.

This last picture, with the four blocks, I had the bottom right block out of order for the picture. But when I sewed them all together, I made sure it was turned the right way… I bordered each block with the light blue material with the dots, then had a border of it the whole way around the blocks too. Then the outside border is yellow.

Her baby’s room is done in all bright primary colors so I was really excited when I found the light blue fabric that had the dots of yellow, green, orange and dark blue in it! I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out… I’ve got it all sewn together and am working on the quilting now. I hope to get it done this weekend, then I’ll post pictures of the completed project.

I haven’t done many actual quilted items. I made a flag wall hanging that was quilted for my brother a few years ago, but most of my quilts have been rag quilts… not actually piecing things together, then quilting them.

I tend to be a bit hard on myself and have learned a lot from making this quilt. I think it is turning out great, but I’ve already got a list of things that I will do differently the next time…

Let me know what you think!

Baby Shower coming up!

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Baby Shower platesMy brother’s wife, Lisa, is expecting their first baby soon so we are starting to talk about her Baby Shower! I’m so excited and our girls are extremely excited! I haven’t helped plan a Baby Shower in about 15 years, so this is going to be fun. She’s having a boy and Ray couldn’t be happier.

I haven’t decided on the party favors for the shower yet, but I have found the most adorable plates and napkins from Shindigz.  If we decide to go with these plates, I want to make sure I use the online coupons I found at Coupon Chief that will give me 10% off on an order of $20!

While I was searching around Coupon Chief, I found tons of other coupon codes that can be used for page after page of online stores! There are over 1,000 stores listed! Oh my, I’m in trouble now! lol! There were quite a few coupons for Babies, Kids and Toy stores! I have a feeling this is going to be one well-dressed, spoiled little guy!

Today I love. . .

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smiling heartsHearts! Don’t you just love these smiling hearts? Jillian has been practicing her counted cross stitch, so she started off with a butterfly, then worked on these hearts. Her next project is just getting started and for the life of me, I can’t remember which character it is! I’m pretty sure it’s Eeyore, but it might be Winnie the Pooh… I’ll have to check later and let you know….

Anyway, she’s doing a great job as a brand new counted cross stitcher! I’m very proud of her. She wanted to jump right in with a very difficult pattern but I convinced her that she had to start small and make sure she liked it before she took on a big project! After she’s done with the next one, I think she’ll be ready for something bigger!

Next vacation…

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Hawaiian LeiHawaiian LeiI know we just returned from vacation (and had an absolutely fabulous time!), but this weekend, we were talking with friends when we went camping and they showed us their pictures from their honeymoon in Hawaii. Wow! Am I jealous!!!

I would LOVE to go to Hawaii! Of course, you need a lei if you’re going to Hawaii and I found a quick easy way to make one before you go with flowers you’ll find at your local store. . . Carnations! You simply string each flower through the center on a fairly thick thread. String them loose enough so that they green bases can be seen and you’ll use about 30 flowers in a 40″ lei. If you string them tight enough that the green bases are hidden by the next flower, you’ll need about 50 flowers for a 40″ lei.

I did some searching and actually found some very, very reasonable vacation home rentals in Maui that are gorgeous! Since we swam with dolphins while we were in Florida, the Ocean Front Dolphin Bay Home really caught my eye! The description says it’s a spectacular oceanfront home where you can experience breathtaking sunrises, cascading rainbows, and most importantly for us… dolphin and whale watching from the comfort of the Alohahouse!

*sigh* A girl can dream, can’t she???

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