4-Given Key Chain

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4 givenThis is a very easy key chain for anyone to make and would be great for vacation Bible School, Sunday School or a Youth Group to make.

You can click on the picture to view it in a larger image.

All you need are 9 colored beads in whatever color you would like, a key ring, alphabet beads to spell GIVEN and the #4, and cord. This project could be completed in about 15 minutes!



Boa Covered Flip Flops

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Boa Flip FlopsI have seen more young girls with these flip flops on lately!  They are really cute and very easy to make in any color.   I found this pair at Michaels’ with directions on how to make them.  All you need are flip flops, crafting boa and a glue gun.

Start at one end and poke the end of the boa into the sole where the strap attaches.  Hot glue the whole way across the strap, leaving a short tail to poke into the other side of the sole to finish.

Jillian has a pair that a friend made her that are bright red.  She loves wearing them because she gets comments on how cute they are constantly!

T Shirts and Bumper Stickers. . .

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Doing some searching tonight, I came across a site called Planet Label that has a wide variety of products. They have all the regular type address, inkjet and laser labels, however they have a couple very unique items that may come in handy for me.

My girls love to make their own T-shirts. For years, they’ve tie dyed, used fabric markers and fabric paints to make T-shirts for school, Girl Scout events and even church. Well, in August, I’ll be taking Becca and Jillian, as well as my Sister in Law and her daughter, and two of Jillian friends to the beach for a week. Jillian and her friends have decided that they just HAVE to have matching t-shirts to wear there, but they wanted something unique.

Someone suggested to us that we purchase heat transfer sheets so that they can make their own designs for their shirts on the computer, then print them onto the heat transfer sheets and iron them right on their shirts! Planet Label carries the heat transfer sheets, and even offers you step by step downloadable instructions on how to use the labels. This is going to be great! The girls are going to love it!

Paw PrintI also noticed that they carry Bumper Sticker and Static Cling labels. I’m a Band Booster for my daughter’s marching band and we’ve been talking about making a bumper sticker for the band. It will probably be one of those ones that says, “My child is in the Bobcat Marching Band” or something like that with a Bobcat in the middle. They offer 4″ and 6″ circles for less than $1.00 a piece! They even offer Car Magnets that can be customized for the schools.

If you’re looking for regular or unique labels, stop over at Planet Label to see what they have to offer.

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