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Coasters made by Dragonfly-CraftsAren’t these gorgeous?  My friend Fiona over at Dragonfly-Crafts made these to sell in her online shop and they went like hotcakes!

I’m going to be trying my hand at it this weekend.  I have some cute material that I think would make very nice coasters.  Now I have to decide who to give them to, or if I want to keep them for myself! lol!

Our Band Boosters are planning a Christmas Craft and Home Show in November and I’m planning to have a table with some items that I’ll be sewing, and I think I’ll make several sets of these.

You can purchase the book, Bend the Rules Sewing, that carries the pattern for these  coasters at  Enjoy!

Murphy’s Law of Sewing…

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sewingThese are hilarious and so very true!  Have any of you veteran sewings had any of these happen to you?  I know I have! lol!

Fusible interfacing always fuses to the iron.
The serger only eats the customer’s garment.
If you need 6 buttons, you will find 5 in your button box.
The seam you meant to rip out is invariably the other one.
When you are in a hurry, the needle eye is always too small.
The fabric you forgot to pre-shrink will always shrink the most.
The pattern you wanted to make again will have one key piece missing.
If you drop something out of your sewing basket, it will be your box of pins …..with the cover off.
Whenever the construction process is going well, the bobbin thread runs outs.
The magnitude of the goof is in direct proportion to the cost of the fabric.
Your lost needle will be found by your son, husband or brother-in-law …..while walking around barefoot.
Facings tend to be sewn to the wrong side. (Opposite sides attract).
Collar points don’t match, and you’ve trimmed all the seams.
The iron never scorches the garment until its final pressing.
Pants seams always rip where they are the most noticeable.
The steam iron only burps rusty water on light silk fabric.
The sewing machine light usually burns out on Sunday.
Pinking shears get dull just by looking at them.
Gathering threads always break in the middle.
The scissors cut easiest past the buttonhole.

Seashell Wreath

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Seashell wreathI’m always looking for unique craft ideas, especially ones involving Seashells since we collected so many this summer! We found lots of little shells that were absolutely perfect when we were in Florida at the Gulf of Mexico. We were amazed at the thousands of shells under our feet as we walked on the beach! We had never seen so many before! But they were all pretty small.

We just got back from a beach in New Jersey last weekend and were a bit disappointed on our first day because we couldn’t seem to find many shells. There had been a bad storm a few days before we got there and the waves were very high. The kids weren’t even allowed to swim because of the undercurrent, so we spent the day just playing at the edge of the water. Two days later, we went back. Oh my! There were tons of perfect shells, and some of them were huge!!! We collected way too many!

After coming back for the beach I needed to find some craft ideas for all those shells! I came across this very unique idea for a Seashell Wreath that will make a very nice addition to our bathroom which has a Seashell shower curtain. I found the idea at where there are tons of craft ideas for every season and occasion! Enjoy

Fire Starters

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Fire StartersSince we’ll be camping while we’re at the beach, we need to make some Fire Starters so that it’s a little bit easier to get our campfire started in the evenings!

While at Girl Scout camp as a kid, we learned how to make fire starters from cardboard egg cartons, dryer lint and melted wax.  I’ve been keeping the last couple egg cartons just for this occasion!

These are so easy to make.  Just stuff each egg holder with dryer lint, then melt some candle wax and pour it over each egg holder.  Close the lid and you have a very easily portable fire starter!  When it’s time to make your fire, simply tear off a few of the egg  holders and place them at the bottom of your fire ring.  Put some kindling and a little newspaper around it then stack some wood around it.  Light the newspaper and fire starter and you have a nice hot fire in a matter of minutes!

Time for the Beach!

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Friday we leave for our annual Girl’s Weekend at the Beach! I can’t wait! My SIL and I are taking our daughter’s to the beach for an extended weekend. We go to a nice little area right outside of Tom’s River, which is north of Atlantic City. We stay at a campground, then drive over to Long Beach Island to swim each day.

I love living in PA, but if I were to ever move, I’d want to be close to the beach. I just love it there!

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Vacation homes are becoming more and more popular these days. You can even find mortgages for them at Personal Home Loan Mortgages too. I’m sure I’ll see lots of vacation homes that I wouldn’t have any problem living in while we’re in New Jersey!

New Blanket

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Lady bug blanketMy little cousin Hannah is going through a phase where she loves ladybugs! So I bought some adorable material on ebay of ladybugs with a blue background to make her a little blanket. She lives in Florida, so she doesn’t need a quilt. I just made her a rag blanket without any filling inside!

I’ll be mailing it to Florida tomorrow! I hope she likes it!

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