Picture Alphabet

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Becca bought a poster to put in her dorm room at college that shows the whole alphabet out of pictures of items that look like letters!  It’s really cool and she’s gotten a lot of compliments on it.  I did some searching and found a site that offers personalized gifts in the shape of words made from photographs.  The company is called Letter Perspectives.  They have quite a few examples on their website showing different words spelled out in nature.

This would be a great project for a Girl Scout troop!  Send the girls out with a camera and a list of letters they need to find.  They could make up all kinds of posters to give as gifts to their families!

4-Given Key Chain

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4 givenThis is a very easy key chain for anyone to make and would be great for vacation Bible School, Sunday School or a Youth Group to make.

You can click on the picture to view it in a larger image.

All you need are 9 colored beads in whatever color you would like, a key ring, alphabet beads to spell GIVEN and the #4, and cord. This project could be completed in about 15 minutes!



Art out of Driftwood

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HorsesThis absolutely amazes me!!! A friend sent me an email with pictures of this woman’s art, so I googled it and found her website. Her actual site won’t come up, but here’s a link to a site showing her Driftwood Horses and the steps she takes to make them.

It is unbelievable how real they look! So totally life-like! I would love to see them in person. I’m sure I would take tons of pictures!


The Obsession Meme

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I was tagged to do this meme where I tell you about five things I am obsessed with. Since this is a craft blog, I’ll tell you about five craft projects that I am truly obsessed with!

1. Scrapbooking. I learned about scrapbooking from a friend of mine when my youngest daughter was just a baby… and she’s 13 now. I have albums done for almost every year of my kid’s lives. I love going to weekend scrapbooking workshops where we spend from Friday night until Sunday afternoon doing nothing but scrapping! I’m leaving Friday for one in Erie PA! I can’t wait!

2. Making rag quilts. I love making these! You can change the designs and colors to make every one so unique! You can view a picture of one that I have made here.

3. Sewing clothes. I’ve made myself quite a few outfits and even the girls have allowed me to make them a few! I like to make shirts the best, but I’m not fond of zippers :)

4. Drawing. While it’s not truly a craft, I love to draw. Mostly I like to draw cartoons, but I’ve drawn a few scenes as well.Arts & Crafts

5. Painting ceramics. I’ve made a few very cute ceramic items, mostly ones for holidays. My favorite is one I made of a Santa sitting by a fireplace reading a child a story….

Now it’s my turn to tag five others to tell me about their own obsessions. I like to check with folks first and make sure they want to play, so I’ll edit this after I have five rounded up.

I have three takers so far! Make sure you check out their posts!

MK at Coffee Shop Chatter

Wendy at Adventures of a Suburban WAHM

The Blog Hog

If anyone else wants to participate and I haven’t tagged you, please feel free to join in the fun! All I ask is that put a link back to this post! Have an awesome day!

Online Art Classes?

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My 16 year old daughter is very artistic. She can draw, paint, is a terrific photographer and is also very talented on the computer with graphic designing. So, we are looking into colleges or art schools for her as she’s a Junior in High School this year. It will be quite an interesting journey as we watch her choose her own path as she creates her masterpiece.

We are getting more and more information about Distance Learning… while it sounds great, she could live at home and not worry about a commute, I’m having a hard time understanding how you can learn about art without any hands on experience. A very good school that is near us is the Art Institute in Pittsburgh. They are offering an online program for all kinds of careers in Art! That just amazes me.

I’m going to have to do some more investigating. While I know she wants to go away to school, this might be a way for her to earn some credits in her senior year before she goes away to college.

I’m sure I’ll be posting more about her art career in the future! I’m going to have to scan some of the pictures she has drawn and post them…. wonder if she’ll let me???

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