Assembling Crafts At Home…

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Okay, I know I’m probably crazy, but I’m thinking about purchasing a kit to make crafts from home to sell back to a business to sell. Normally I wouldn’t even think about this, but I’ve been following several posts over at in the craft forum, and there are several ladies who are doing pretty well with one company. I’ve always been crafty and things that are hard for others seem to come naturally to me. So I think I might give it a try.

We just found out that we’ll be taking a trip to Florida in June, so I really need to make some extra money for when we go… and this seems like it might be a good way to earn some extra money from home.

The company I’m looking into is called NEC (New England Crafters). Their website can be found at Magical Gift.

If you know anything about them, either good or bad, I’d appreciate your comments.

Have a great day!


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