Bandana Purse

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This purse is so easy to make! There’s no sewing… just cut and knot!

You can buy bandanas at almost any dollar store or department store. Purchase two of them. Lay the bandanas out, wrong sides together, lining up edges as best as possible. Using fabric shears, cut 1″ around entire bandana “sandwich” in one piece and set it aside to use as the handle. Then cut a slit every 3/4″ cutting up to the most inner printed square on the bandana on 3 sides of the bandana. You will be cutting out the corners and discarding these small squares of fabric. Beginning at one of the corners, take one of the fringes from the top and one from the bottom and tie them together in a double knot. Tie one on each corner. Continue tying all around except for the top. This will be left open.

To make the handle, cut each long scrap into two equal pieces. Discard one piece and braid the other three together knotting at each end. Knot an end to each side of the bag. Iron the top fringes down on each side.

Very quick and easy! Little girls will love this!

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