Party Mice

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Party MiceThese would make fantastic party favors! Aren’t they adorable?

I was looking up recipe ideas for peanut butter balls made out of melted chocolate and found these mice.  Super easy to make.

Here’s the recipe:

Chocolate Almond Bark Chocolate Flavored Coating
1 Jar pitted Maraschino Cherries with Stems(1 cherry per mouse)
Chocolate Kisses (1 per mouse)
Sliced Almonds (2 per mouse)
1 tube Cake decorating gel (for eyes)

Melt Almond Bark according to package directions. Holding cherry by stem, dip into melted chocolate (stem becomes mouse’s tail), lay sideways on waxed paper so that bottom of cherry is not touching paper. Immediately place flat side of Chocolate kiss to bottom of cherry. Place 2 almond slices as “ears” between chocolate kiss and cherry, hold until set. When dry, use decorating gel to “dot” eyes on top of chocolate kiss. Enjoy!

We made chocolate covered pretzels!

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Yummm! I picked up some chocolate wafers at the local craft store and some mini pretzels at Walmart and the girls and I made some chocolate covered pretzels!

First, we melted the wafers in the microwave in a 2-cup measuring cup. When the chocolate was smooth, we put the pretzels into the cup. We mixed them up till all the pretzels were covered. We used a straw to take the pretzels out of the cup then set them on a piece of wax paper. We let them set for about an hour till they hardened. Then we wrapped them in a treat bag and tied a ribbon around it. Now we have little gift bags to give out to friends and family!

Someone suggested that we should sell these at Christmas time or for birthday parties, but that’s not something I want to get into… operating a home bakery has so many rules and regulations, that I don’t even want to think about it! So we’ll just give them away!

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