Crocheted Hearts

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Here’s a cute idea for adding a little something extra to a craft project. Crocheted HeartsThese are two crocheted hearts that I found over at CraftBits. They have all the instructions listed to make the hearts using a small amount of red and pink yarn. Check the site out and give the hearts a try next time you’re looking for a little embellishment on your next project!


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Anyone like to crochet? I made several crocheted afghans about 15-20 years ago; the really big ones that would cover a bed. First I made one for my hubby (then he was just my fiance) 20 years ago, then I made one as a wedding gift for friends about 15 years ago. I had help when I made the second one…. my cat used to like to sit on my lap while I was crocheting. When I got to one end, I’d have to lift her up and set her back down on the afghan! I washed it several times before I gave it to them to get all the cat hairs off it! lol!

Now my daughter Jillian has gotten into both crocheting and knitting. She’s still just learning, but not doing too bad. She made a headband to keep her ears warm. It looks very similar to this one…..

Next she wants to make a pillow. I’m anxious to see how that turns out!

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