Supporting my crafting habit

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I admitted long ago that I have a severe addition to making crafts. I love to make all kinds of crafts! The problem is, I needed to find a way to help pay for all those projects! So what am I supposed to do? Well, I decided to give blogging a try and see if I could earn some money writing about how much I love crafts.

Guess what? It works! Bloggerwave is a new opportunity for all bloggers to make some extra income doing what they already enjoy doing… writing in their blogs. Advertisers pay bloggers to write up posts about their products and in return, they will pay them a set fee!

Bloggerwave is looking for bloggers with almost any kinds of blogs to participate. So if you have a blog and enjoy writing, check them out and see if you can earn some extra income!

You already love to write, why not get paid for it! Bloggerwave… they add a new angle to blogging.


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I know this isn’t a craft… but I’m very excited about a new direction I’m taking with my blog. I’ve found a great new way to earn money while I’m sharing my love of crafts with everyone! It’s called Blogsvertise.

I will be directed to websites featuring crafts by advertisers of Blogsvertise. I will write up entries here in my blog about those websites and agree to keep them on my blog permanently. I’ll be reviewing if I like them or dislike them, and generally just talk about them. In exchange, the advertiser will pay me for having their link posted at least 3 times in my blog!

Isn’t that great? I’m very anxious to get my first assignment from Blogsvertise. Since the websites that will be sent to me will be about crafts, I think this is going to be a lot of fun! I can’t wait to get started!

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