Are you ready for some Football???

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Steelers FleeceI am! I’m a HUGE Steeler fan and the Steeler’s hold their summer training camp less than 15 miles from my house in Latrobe, PA. Camp starts today, so the town will be extremely busy with fans from all over trying to catch a glimpse of a football player.  I know my sister, Kathy, who is a bigger fan than I am, will be going over there at least one day to get some pictures of the team.

I recently purchased some of this Steelers fleece material to make a No Sew Fleece blanket. One side will be for the Steelers and the other side will be all Black so I can use it at our local Bobcat high school football games. I’m sure it will help keep me warm while I watch my daughter Jillian play her flute during the half time program!

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