Gotta Get Goals!

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I’ve been tagged! MK at Coffee Shop Chatter tagged me and challenged me to list my top goals. So I had some thinking to do! Since I’m actually pretty new to blogging, I’ve made some short term goals, but haven’t really thought of any long term goals…

I tracked this challenge back to Gayla at Mom Gadget and then even further to Alex Shalman and it looks like he is the one that started this…. Here are his rules:

1) In a new blog post, list and write about the top 5 to 10 goals that you gotta’ get so that you can truly say you have achieved your wildest dreams in life. These have to be your best, most exclusive, and over-the-top goals that you can pick off your goals list.

2) In the introduction of your post, explain what you’re doing with the Gotta’ Get Goals project and “put a link and/or a trackback to this post”, for the purpose of giving them the full rules and for me to compile the master list of all participants that I’ll link to in a future post.

3) As with Simply Success Secrets, don’t forget to put a link or trackback to the blogger who tagged you for Gotta’ Get Goals in order to let your readers follow the conversation around.

4) Sharing your Gotta’ Get Goals with your own audience, will also share them with the blogger who tagged you and the bloggers you tagged, as well as their whole audience!

5) There is no limit to how many bloggers you are allowed to “tag”, so go crazy. It will help their exposure as well as your own when they tag back to your Gotta Get Goals post. That’s how meme’s work.

6) Sit back and enjoy the show. As Aaron would say, “watch the [gotta get goals] and the crossover audiences start rolling in!

So, here are my top “Gotta Get Goals”:

1. Family. It’s been a rough year… my oldest daughter had a cancerous tumor removed in November 2006 and has been through a lot. My family goal is to spend as much time possible with all of them as often as possible. Becca received a Make A Wish because of her cancer and we are heading to Florida in June to swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove! I want to make this the best vacation we have ever taken!

2. Faith. My faith is very important to me. I have been feeling like there is something additional that I need to be doing for God and my goal is to do a lot of praying to find out what that is. God has been my source of strength throughout my life and He has always been my rock, and if he has something for me to do, I plan to do it.

3. Financial Freedom. Ahhh, this one is going to take some work! I’m working outside the home full time right now, but my goal is to start making enough money online so that I can stay home and be there for my girls and their activities. Then after that is achieved, I want to be able to have enough extra money to do all that we want to do, without having to worry about it! And, I want to be able to pay for the girls’ college educations without worrying about loans and grants…

4. Travel. Kind of goes along with Financial Freedom… We love to travel as a family and my goal is to start doing a lot of it! The trip to Florida is the first real family vacation we have taken as a family that wasn’t in Pennsylvania. The girls have never flown in a plane and have only been in a handful of states. My goal is to have enough money so that we can go on a real vacation at least once a year.

5. Home Improvements. We have a lot of things that need done to our home. My goal is to work toward making those things happen. My outrageous goal is to be able to purchase our dream log home and live on 5 acres in the country! But my reasonable goal is to build a new deck on the side of the house connecting to our pool and to replace all the windows in the house.

Since I was tagged, I am passing this tag on to some fellow bloggers and ask that you post your goals on your blog. Don’t forget to link back to this post!

I’m tagging the following bloggers:





Have fun!


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