I got a pond and waterfall!

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I am so excited! Next Saturday is my birthday and today after church, hubby took me to Lowe’s to purchase my gift…. a garden pond!!! I was so excited!

Here is what the kit looks like….

It has a waterfall and a fountain. It’s not very big, only a 90 gallon pond, but it will fit perfectly under my big picture window in the front of my house.

So, when we got home, hubby cleaned out the flower garden that was under the window already and started digging the hole for the pond. He got the hole dug, but still has more work to do. He plans to work on it this week after work, then finish it next weekend.

I can’t wait to pick out rocks to go around it and then purchase new flowers for all around the pond! We’re still trying to decide if we’ll get fish for it or not, because it’s not deep enough to stay unfrozen all winter… what would we do with the fish over the winter?

I’m thinking that as long as we keep the motor running on the fountain, we shouldn’t have too many problems with mosquitoes or other insects that like water!

I love being a home owner! There are just so many possibilities with this house!

I’ll take some pictures this week as he works on it and post a final picture when it’s done! What a wonderful Birthday present to me!!!

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