Summer Sun Prints

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Summer Sun PrintsI love this idea! How many times have you hung a piece of construction paper in a window only to find that after a short while, the sun has faded the main color and everything that was underneath is still the original color? Why not make a craft using this same idea?

That’s what one blogger did over at Mom, I’m Bored! and I wanted to post it here for all of you to see! This would be a great kids craft for all ages.

Give it a try and let me know how it turns out.


Summer Crafts for Kids

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My friend Aurelia Williams over at Real Life Solutions has a great page with some quick and easy Summer Craft ideas.

Graph paper designOne of her ideas is making graph paper drawings. I love doing this! The kids take a sheet of graph paper and a pen, pencil or markers. They draw a picture on the graph paper using only the lines on the graph paper. No curved lines allowed.  I can picture my youngest daughter Jillian sitting under a tree on a sunny day, graph paper in hand, coming up with all kinds of creations!

If you don’t have access to graph paper, you can make and download your own by going to Graph Paper Maker.

Let their imaginations run wild!

Father’s Day Ties

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Origami TieHere it is!  The ultimate Father’s Day tie!  Jillian can’t wait to make this one for her daddy.  She loves to make Origami animals so when I found this online at Activity Village, I just had to show it to her!   I can’t wait to see Frank’s face when she gives it to him!

There are some really neat Origami projects on that website, like a business card holder, wallet, van and even a neat looking photo frame!  Check them all out and let me know what you think!

Mother’s Day Cards

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Mother’s Day CardI found a site that gives detailed instructions on making this beautiful Mother’s Day card! Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away, so it’s time to get busy making your cards!

I plan to make one of these for my mother (of course!), my Mother in Law, and a special woman from our church who has always been like a mother to me. So I have 3 to make.

Fabulous Food/Crafts gives step by step directions with pictures showing how to make this card, plus many others. If you plan to make any cards for Mother’s Day this year, you have to check out their site.

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