Clothes for dogs?

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Dog ClothesEvery time my girls see a little dog dressed in dog clothes, they go crazy! Our dog Lexi would never stand for it, but they keep begging for a new, little dog that they can dress up! While that’s not going to happen any time soon, they still enjoy looking at all the dog clothes that are available.

I found the pattern and directions on how to make this adorable little coat over at Sewing @ Circle of Crafters. You can even resize this pattern to fit your dog! That pattern is very simple and should take no time at all to make. Let me know if anyone uses it to make their pet a nice coat!

Stop on over at my brand new blog,  All About Our Pets.  I plan to feature all kinds of information about our pets, and pets in general.  Hope you enjoy it!

Don’t forget Fido… or his owner!

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Pet StockingI have a friend who has become very dear to me in the past year, so this year, I want to give her a special Christmas gift.  I’ve been racking my brain to figure out just what to give her, so I started thinking about what is most precious to her… and immediately I realized it was her dog, Kayla!  So, how do I incorporate a gift for her with her dog?

I found the answer! lol!   Blooming Cookies carries a large selection of gift ideas that include cookie bouquets for pretty much every occasion you could think of!  This Holiday Stocking is for both the pet and the owner.  It comes with cookies for the owner as well as yogurt dipped dog treats for your dog!  How adorable is that?

They also have adorable gifts for new parents, get well gifts and birthday gifts! They can all be shipped wherever you’d like, whether it’s directly to the recipient or to you so that you can deliver it in person.

Personally, I love the pet gift baskets! They have an adorable Cat’s Meow Treats and Toys gift that includes two hand pained ceramic bowls in a wrought iron feeding stand shaped like a cat with treats for both the owner and the cat!  I love it!  I could think of a few cat owners who would just be thrilled with this as a gift!

If you have someone who is hard to buy for and has everything, check out Blooming Cookies.  I’m sure you’ll find a unique gift idea that will thrill them!

Dog Beds

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Our dog Lexi sleeps on our bed, and my husband hates it.  Dog BedHe’s been pushing me to buy her a dog bed so that she’ll sleep on it instead of with us!  I’m not sure how it will work, but I did some searching today for patterns to make one myself.  I found a very nice pattern at Sewing.Org that looks very nice.  The directions and pattern is listed on the site!

I’ll probably pick out blue material so that it will match with our bedroom ;)  When I get it made, I’ll post pictures of our Lexi bed!

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