Picture Alphabet

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Becca bought a poster to put in her dorm room at college that shows the whole alphabet out of pictures of items that look like letters!  It’s really cool and she’s gotten a lot of compliments on it.  I did some searching and found a site that offers personalized gifts in the shape of words made from photographs.  The company is called Letter Perspectives.  They have quite a few examples on their website showing different words spelled out in nature.

This would be a great project for a Girl Scout troop!  Send the girls out with a camera and a list of letters they need to find.  They could make up all kinds of posters to give as gifts to their families!

Becca’s curtains!

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Becca's curtainsFinally! We’ve had the material for about 6 months and Becca has been bugging me to make her curtains ever since then, but I finally made them today! Woo Hoo! She’s happy with them, and I think they turned out pretty good.

She loves black and white, and anything zebra.

She wanted a black strip across the top and bottom, and the slot for the rod is pretty big so if she wants to take them to college with her, she can.

On her bed is her laptop, and it even has a zebra skin on it! lol! It’s a little hard to see with the big flowers on her bed, but it’s there.

She’s got pictures that she’s taken all through her room, and several of them turned into posters. It’s a very typical “teen” room! lol!

She Won!

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Becca enter two photos in the Fair photography competition and she got a 4th place on one!!! Woo Hoo! We are very proud of her! Here is her picture:

There were about 30 entries there and some of them were really, really good. I’m so excited that she won a ribbon! She’s going to put this in her portfolio for college. She wants to go for photography and graphic design!

Here’s what the actual picture is that she entered. There’s a lot of glare in the photo above, so it looks better here:

This is just one of the 150+ pictures she took of flowers when we went to Florida. It was so hard to decide which ones to enter but she could only enter one 3 x 5 and one 5 x 7. She made this one the 5 x 7. Isn’t it gorgeous!

Love Letters…

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Here’s another great idea for Mother’s Day! I love surfing all the great craft blogs!!! I found this one atLove Letters Scrapbook.com blog. This is something that Mom could display all year long and Mom’s always love a handmade, heartmade gift.

I know my mom would love it if I put a picture of her and my girls on it! My oldest daughter Becca is always taking picture of her and “grammie”, so I could get her to take a picture of “grammie” with both the girls, then I could make this great gift for her!  It would be so easy to paint the letters then decorate them with stickers and markers.

Scrapbook.com has all the supplies you need and she includes all the instructions on how to make it right on her blog. Give Mom something from the heart this year!

Make Your Own Video

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I think I’ve found a new obsession!  It’s called Fliptrack.  Both of my daughter’s are camera freaks.  They take pictures of anything and everything, especially Becca.  She’s actually planning to go to school for either photography or graphic design.  Fliptrack is a way for you to showcase your pictures by turning them into your own personal video, with music included!

I’m not the most computer savvy person, but the process for making these videos is very easy.  You pick the music you’d like on your video from a long list of choices in their music library, then add the pictures, and presto!  You have your own personal music video exactly the way you’d like it!

After you’re finished making your video on Fliptrack, you can share them with your family and friends by posting them on your MySpace, Xanga, Blogger, Friendster, Facebook or Piczo sites! I’m planning to make one showcasing all the craft projects I’ve completed and post it here on my blog.  I can even make one of our family pictures and post it on my Bev’s Bits personal blog!

You can also watch videos that other people have made and have shared on the Fliptrack site. My favorites are the pet videos!  Some of them are hilarious!  They even have a search feature where you can look for videos for practically any topic you can think of!

Stop over and take a look.  Then make your own video!  I’d love to see it!

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