Rag Quilt to benefit Hannah

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I made and sent this Rag Quilt to my cousin Lisa in Florida to raffle off at a benefit in honor of her little girl,Frog Quilt Hannah. The benefit was held on March 31st to help raise money for the ongoing costs of Hannah’s medical care. Hannah was diagnosed Memorial Day 2006 with a very rare brain stem tumor, Pontine Glioma. Most children with this tumor only live 10-12 months after diagnosis. She receives chemo and radiation on an ongoing basis, which has helped to shrink the tumor a bit. In October, they performed a very rare Gamma Knife procedure that they hoped would help stop the growth of the tumor. They’ve done two MRI’s since then and the tumor has shown no further growth. Amen! This is indeed a miracle! Hannah is now at almost 11 months and is still going strong!Frog Quilt 2

You can read more about Hannah and her journey here. She is a beautiful, sweet little girl who continues to need prayers daily. I will get to meet Hannah and her whole family when we go to Florida in June for my own daughter’s Becca’s Make A Wish!

The Obsession Meme

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I was tagged to do this meme where I tell you about five things I am obsessed with. Since this is a craft blog, I’ll tell you about five craft projects that I am truly obsessed with!

1. Scrapbooking. I learned about scrapbooking from a friend of mine when my youngest daughter was just a baby… and she’s 13 now. I have albums done for almost every year of my kid’s lives. I love going to weekend scrapbooking workshops where we spend from Friday night until Sunday afternoon doing nothing but scrapping! I’m leaving Friday for one in Erie PA! I can’t wait!

2. Making rag quilts. I love making these! You can change the designs and colors to make every one so unique! You can view a picture of one that I have made here.

3. Sewing clothes. I’ve made myself quite a few outfits and even the girls have allowed me to make them a few! I like to make shirts the best, but I’m not fond of zippers :)

4. Drawing. While it’s not truly a craft, I love to draw. Mostly I like to draw cartoons, but I’ve drawn a few scenes as well.Arts & Crafts

5. Painting ceramics. I’ve made a few very cute ceramic items, mostly ones for holidays. My favorite is one I made of a Santa sitting by a fireplace reading a child a story….

Now it’s my turn to tag five others to tell me about their own obsessions. I like to check with folks first and make sure they want to play, so I’ll edit this after I have five rounded up.

I have three takers so far! Make sure you check out their posts!

MK at Coffee Shop Chatter

Wendy at Adventures of a Suburban WAHM

The Blog Hog

If anyone else wants to participate and I haven’t tagged you, please feel free to join in the fun! All I ask is that put a link back to this post! Have an awesome day!

Rag Quilts

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I love making Rag Quilts! I made my first one about 5 years ago after a friend showed me hers. I found the directions online and told my daughter Becca she could pick the material she’d like for one. She wanted butterflies… then Jillian wanted one with wolves on it! Next thing I knew, I had made half a dozen of them for people!

It’s been a few years since I made one, but I decided to make a baby rag quilt to send to Florida for a cousin of mine whose 4 year old granddaughter has a rare brain tumor. They are holding a benefit for her and are auctioning off items to help out the family. So, I found an adorable frog material and made this baby quilt.

Aren’t the little frogs just adorable?


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