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After two kids, one dog and two cats, our living room carpet has stains on it that just cannot be cleaned.  We aren’t quite ready to get new carpeting for the whole room, so I’ve been looking into getting an area rug for right in front of the tv… which is basically where the biggest stain is! lol!

While doing some searching, I came across a site called  Wow!  What a selection!  I did a search by color to find one that will match our furniture, and came up with page after page of selections!  You can also sort by size, shape and price.  I think what we need is one that is rectangular, so there are many choices.

I had no idea how to go about choosing an area rug, so I went to their ‘how to guide for area rugs’ page and boy did I learn a lot!  First of all, the styles vary from Oriental Rug to Persian Rug, contemporary rug to traditional rug and European Rug to Native American rug designs.  The site gives you tips on picking the right area rug for your room.  It also explains the difference between Nylon, Wool, Olefin, Polyester, Acrylic, Cotton and Blends and tips on how to maintain your rug to help it last a lifetime.

Now that I’m looking at all the choices, I’m thinking I might get one for our dining room as well.  We have hard wood floors in that room and a beautiful area rug under the table would be perfect!  Since we don’t have a big table in there, an 8 x 11 size would work perfect.  There are a large selection of clearance rugs that are unbelievably priced in a large selection of sizes. Now the question is, do I get matching rugs, or two different rugs that would compliment each other?  Decisions, decisions!

Anyway, I’ll have to show the site to my hubby tonight so that he can have a little input as to what we get….  or at least make him think he has input! lol!  I encourage you to check out if you are looking for a new area rug!

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