Stepping Stones

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After working in the garden over the weekend, I’ve decided I need a few stepping stones around my new pond, so I came online to see if I could find a few ideas.  I found these unique ones at  Here’s what the owner, Carol Jones, wrote about her stepping stones:

Stepping Stones“I’ve got so many ideas from your pages, that I’d like to share the stepping stones I made from rhubarb leaves and hosta leaves. No need to buy a mold, just turn the leaf upside down and use leaf as a mold. Mix Topping Mix (fine cement) with water to a soft cookie dough and put it on the leaf. Pat it all over to bring up the water and to remove the bubbles. Put a layer of chicken wire on top of this. Mix concrete cement and put a layer on top of that. Hold your hand against the sides and pat the cement to bring up water and to seal all layers. The next day, turn the leaf over and peel it off. All the veins are in your leaf! Let it dry a few days before putting in the garden.”

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