Seashell Wreath

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Seashell wreathI’m always looking for unique craft ideas, especially ones involving Seashells since we collected so many this summer! We found lots of little shells that were absolutely perfect when we were in Florida at the Gulf of Mexico. We were amazed at the thousands of shells under our feet as we walked on the beach! We had never seen so many before! But they were all pretty small.

We just got back from a beach in New Jersey last weekend and were a bit disappointed on our first day because we couldn’t seem to find many shells. There had been a bad storm a few days before we got there and the waves were very high. The kids weren’t even allowed to swim because of the undercurrent, so we spent the day just playing at the edge of the water. Two days later, we went back. Oh my! There were tons of perfect shells, and some of them were huge!!! We collected way too many!

After coming back for the beach I needed to find some craft ideas for all those shells! I came across this very unique idea for a Seashell Wreath that will make a very nice addition to our bathroom which has a Seashell shower curtain. I found the idea at where there are tons of craft ideas for every season and occasion! Enjoy

Seashell Windchime

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Shell wind chimeWhile we were camping over the weekend, I saw a beautiful seashell windchime at the camper next door. It was gorgeous! They used some beautiful shells hanging from clear fishing line, very similar to this one that I found over at Thrifty This site used a star at the top, with the shells dangling below, while the one I saw had a simple gold round ring.

These would be very easy to make and I definitely plan to make one when I get back from the beach! We’re heading there for 5 days in less than 3 weeks and I’m sure we’ll spend plenty of time looking for shells while we’re there.

We always seem to come home with tons of shells and we never know what to do with them… so now we’ll be giving these away!  Let’s see, I’m sure grandma will want one… and maybe even Aunt Kathy! lol!

We’ll post pictures of ours when we make them!

Summer Sun Prints

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Summer Sun PrintsI love this idea! How many times have you hung a piece of construction paper in a window only to find that after a short while, the sun has faded the main color and everything that was underneath is still the original color? Why not make a craft using this same idea?

That’s what one blogger did over at Mom, I’m Bored! and I wanted to post it here for all of you to see! This would be a great kids craft for all ages.

Give it a try and let me know how it turns out.


Summer Crafts for Kids

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My friend Aurelia Williams over at Real Life Solutions has a great page with some quick and easy Summer Craft ideas.

Graph paper designOne of her ideas is making graph paper drawings. I love doing this! The kids take a sheet of graph paper and a pen, pencil or markers. They draw a picture on the graph paper using only the lines on the graph paper. No curved lines allowed.  I can picture my youngest daughter Jillian sitting under a tree on a sunny day, graph paper in hand, coming up with all kinds of creations!

If you don’t have access to graph paper, you can make and download your own by going to Graph Paper Maker.

Let their imaginations run wild!

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