Tooth Fairy Tote!

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I saw a friend tonight whose daughter lost her very first tooth. Ahhh, that sure brought back memories of my girls losing their teeth! I asked her if she was going to put her tooth under her pillow and she said that her grandma gave her a pillow to put the tooth in! Now why didn’t I think of that when my girls were small?

Tooth fairy with wingsSo, I decided to check online to see if there were any cute craft ideas on making tooth fairy pillows and I was amazed at all the choices! I’d have to say that one I found on Disney is my favorite! It’s an adorable tooth with wings! It’s made of white, blue and purple felt and looks very easy.

Here’s another cute pillow idea that I found over at Crafty Carnival. You can get step by step directions from her site on how to make them.

Tooth Fairy PillowInstead of using a pillow, my girls would wrap their teeth in a tissue and put it under their pillows and I had to dig for it! lol! I can remember one time when I went into Jillian’s room to retrieve the tooth, I found a note she had written to the tooth fairy! It was adorable!

Let me know if you try either of these!

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